Occlusive dressing (thoracic cavity stick)

Designed for use in case of an external open pneumothorax to prevent air from entering the wound (sealing penetrated chest wounds) and to provide first emergency medical care to civilians and military personnel.

• Easy opening due to convenient packaging
• Can be packed according to the requirements of the Customer  

• Sterile occlusive dressing is made of airtight high-density materials
on a gel basis
• Dressing diameter: 160 + 10 mm
• The size of the adhesive layer: not less than 140×140 mm (length x width)
• Temperature operating mode: -30 °C to + 45 °C

Produced in 2 types:
• Occlusive dressing without valve
• Occlusive dressing with valve

The occlusive dressing can be completed:
1) with a haemostatic napkin impregnated with a haemostatic solution
2) hygroscopic napkin made of non-woven material not less than
200×200 mm in size
• Guaranteed service life: 5 years from the date of manufacture

INDIVIDUAL: metallized polymeric pack with notches

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