Dielectric rubber gloves RD Pro category R, C


Rubber dielectric gloves are electrically insulating individual protection means. They protect from current injury during live work. Depending on the work type the gloves range from class 00 till class 1, they are available in sizes 8, 9  10, 11. The gloves comply with the requirements of the standard EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN 60903:2003, ІЕС 60903:2014, as well as the PPE Regulation 2016/425 (Category III).

Choose the required class and category (special properties) of gloves depending on the work type:

Code Class Category Maximal operating voltage for alternating current V (B) Bearable testing voltage
DG.00.K. 00 А 500 2500
DG.0.K. 0 R, C 1000 5000
DG.1.K. 1 R, C 7500 10000

Special сharacteristics

Category Resistant to
Acid, oil, ozone
Extremely low temperature
NOTE 1. Category R includes characteristics of categories A, H and Z.
NOTE 2. Any categories combination can be used.


The gloves in manufacturer’s package shall be stored indoors at the temperature from +10 ºС till +21 °С at the distance more than 1m from heating devices. In the process of storage the gloves shall be protected from mechanical factors (compression, bending), direct sunlight, artificial light, ozone source, water, oils, fats, petrol and other rubber damaging substances.
Warrantee period – 1 year from the date of manufacture subject to storage and usage conditions.

Before every usage the both gloves (a pair of gloves) shall be visually checked if they are clean and if there is a testing date indicated. The gloves shall be checked if they are not damaged and torn visually or by blowing them up with the air (if possible).
It is prohibited to use: wet gloves (shall be dried); gloves with punctures, cuts and other mechanical damages as well as the gloves with the invalid testing period which have not been tested by the electricity during the last 6 months.
The gloves manufactured more than 12 months prior to their first use shall be re-tested by the electricity before their usage.

The gloves shall be used at the temperature from minus 25 ° С till plus 55 °С.
*Category С gloves shall be used at the environment temperature from minus 40° С till plus 55 °С.
The gloves shall be protected from mechanical damage, heat or light, oil, water, petrol, dissolvents and other substances damaging the rubber.

After the usage, if necessary, the gloves shall be washed with soapy water at the temperature not more than +40ºС and cleaned/wiped from dirt, oil, water, petrol and other rubber damaging substances. They shall be dried in ventilated room at the temperature not higher than +60ºС as long as they are completely dry.

Before the periodical inspection and electrical re-testing the gloves shall be cleaned from dirt and completely dried.
The class 1 gloves shall be tested for air keeping, visually checked if they are hermetically sealed. Afterwards the control dielectric testing shall be conducted according tо IEC 60903:2014.
Gloves testing period – 1 time/ 6 months.
The damaged, non-hermetic gloves or gloves with negative electric test result shall be utilized in a way preventing their further usage.
Do not use the gloves stored without inspection more than 6 months. The manufacture date shall be considered to be the testing date.
Special exception for 00 and 0 class gloves:
Visual control and/or hermetical sealing checking shall be sufficient to use these classes gloves stored under the required conditions. Control dielectric testing for the above mentioned gloves classes may be provided upon the owner’s requirement.

For transportation use the manufacturer’s original package.
The upper load shall not exceed 5 kg.
After the transportation under the minus temperature the gloves shall be stored in the manufacturer’s package for 24 hours indoors at the temperature from +10 ºС till +21 °С.

Unused gloves shall be disposed as common domestic waste.
After the usage while contacting with chemicals the gloves shall be disposed according to the certain chemical requirements!

Read the usage INSTRUCTIONS carefully before the usage!


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