Rubber Plate

ТU 38.105 376-92

          Covering  is specially designed for livestock farms, stalls and stables. The coating has high strength and abrasion resistance, water resistance, do not absorb odors, easy to care, and it protects the animals from foot injuries. It is used in stables, barns, animal farms, circus cages.

         The coating is suitable for areas such as the recreation areas, areas of feeding, milking parlors, stores, runs, passes.

          Positive features:

  – Reducing the risk of injury to animals;

  – Surface protected against slipping;

  – Durability and endurance;

  – Water resistant;

  – No odor;

  – Soundproofing;

  – Easy for installation and operation;

  – Resistance and thickness.

Dimensions:  500 × 500 × 20

Guaranteed shelf life of products: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Warranty period: set by agreement between the manufacturer and the customer according to operational documents in the guarantee specification or drawing.

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