Gift Sets

The birth of a baby is a joyous, long-awaited and important event in the life of every family. After the child’s birth, close relatives and friends start thinking about buying the gifts for a baby. Various items for newborn boys and girls with beautiful design will certainly be the best gift for babies and their mothers. All the items offered in sets for babies are made only from high-quality natural materials.

 All items of the set are mutually compatible, so our gift set will no doubt be a wonderful gift to the parents, who are waiting for the birth of a baby. The set has everything you need for care after a baby.

Gift Set which includes the following items used for baby care:

Feeding bottles – feeding with different liquid dairy and other nutritious mixes, juices, cereals, and liquid, and for  calming a baby

Milk rubber nipples – for feeding a baby

Pacifiers – for calming a baby

Milk silicone nipples-for feeding the babies with various liquid mixtures, juices and for calming

Silicone pacifier – for calming a baby

“Baby” pacifier – for calming a baby

Brushes – for cleaning bottles, nipples, and other components of the kit

Chain for Pacifier – for sticking the pacifier to a baby’s clothing.

Ball Enema – for syringing, irrigation (watering) and suction of fluids from body cavities.

You can buy our production in following trading networks:
1. “Epicentr” (Brovary city, Kyiv – 7 hypermarkets)
2. “Karavan” (under TM “Po-nashomu”, Kyiv – 3 Shopping Centre)
3. “Kosmo” (Kyiv – 58 stores, BilaTserkva city, Boryspil city, Boiarka city, Brovary city, Vyshhorod city, Irpin city, Slavutych city, Sofiivska Borschahivka city, Fastiv city, Bucha city).

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