Teething or how to help your child?

Teething is a process that touches any baby in his life. In this period baby always try to get anything he sees in to his mouth and this is not safe. To prevent injury of baby’s gums there are lots of teethers that are also called “gum massager” that not only relieve discomfort to the gums, but also contribute the teeth eruption and the development of normal occlusion. Also, gum massagers are developing fine motor skills of the child. It can be said with certainty that the gum massager – is a necessary tool for the baby in this important period. But such a large range of teethers is not an easy choice for mothers.

First thing you should pay attention at is shape and the material of the production. Child’s age should also be noticed.

For the little ones (up to 6 months) is recommended a soft and simple shape massager that would be easy and comfortable for baby to hold it in hands. In this age first lower and upper tooth begin to grow and the main task is to provide a gentle massaging teethers, not to injure the delicate tissues. For older kids are suitable more stringent massagers in the form of various small animals, that the baby is not only distracted from the pain, but also can massage his side teeth.

Now let’s try to figure out what material to prefer when selecting a massager. Today there are many different materials and their combinations: silicone, rubber (caoutchouc), latex, plastic (polymer), textiles, wood. Most parents give preference to the first three, so that’s what about we would tell briefly.

Many mothers are often confused with silicone and rubber thinking that it is the same. But in fact it is not. Silicone – is not a natural material, it is a synthetic polymer. But latex – is a natural material (juice of the Hevea tree), which has passed through the technological processes. Also, a natural caoutchouc is a material, which is formed from latex. While choosing a massager for the gums it is important to remember about the fundamental differences between these materials.

It should be noted that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Massager made of latex or natural caoutchouc is soft and elastic, but at the same time very durable. Silicone Massager though tougher, but far less durable than latex, so after prolonged chewing by a child, there is a danger that a small piece may break away and get into the baby’s airway. Also silicone is easy to stick dust and lint, so you need to carefully monitor its cleanliness. There are massager gums with a cooling effect, filled with water, but often there were cases of when the child gnaws it and an unknown liquid can enter the organism of the baby, and concerning to the water quality there is no certainty, because of such products, as a rule, has no corresponding a certificate of quality of the Internal filling. When choosing the right model of baby teethers, pay attention to the overly rigid parts, as they may cause injury. Do not take too bright shades, because the dyes in their composition can be toxic and lead to poisoning or allergic reactions.

Before buying a gum massager try to pay attention to the country of the manufacturer, because the lion’s share of children’s products on the market, unfortunately, are of Asian production, and chemicals can be the part of such products. Therefore, carefully read the ingredients list and information about the country of manufacturing and if it is a doubtful manufacturer – think about whether to endanger the health of your baby or not. It is better to buy a gum massager, manufactured in Ukraine, in the quality and safety of that you will not doubt, and the price will be a pleasant surprise.

The only Ukrainian producer of baby products is LLC “Kievguma”. The main advantage of gum massagers “Kievguma”, is that they do not contain additives and dyes as are made from pure natural caoutchouc. The product has a clear honey shade. Due to the safe composition of the gum massagers “Kievguma” can be used for children from birth. They have a solid shape, soft, flexible, durable, and they are reaching the child’s body temperature fast. Massagers are manufactured in the shapes of “Fishy” and “Piggy”, each product has a special hole, that the baby can easily hold it in his hand. The surface of massager has small bubbles for a gentle massaging of the gums. It should be remembered that the gum massager will be useful only if it is made of a high quality materials and is safe for the child.

 We are sure that the “Piggy” and “Fishy” gum massagers shall come in “taste” for your child and become an indispensable thing during teething process. Now you can buy caoutchouc massagers manufactured by “Kievguma” on the site of the largest Internet- supermarket Rozetka.ua here

As well as many other products necessary for your baby here

We remind that the quality management and safety management systems are implemented in the company and based on the international standards. Nowadays, “Kievguma” LLC has conformity certificates of DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO9001:2008), DSTU ISO 13485:2005 and international ones: TUV SUD ISO9001:2008 and TÜV Austria EN ISO 13485:2012.


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