Results of the Company’s participation in the AGRO-2018 Exhibition

June 6-9 in Kyiv at VDNH Kievguma LLC hosted an important exhibition forum of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. Presentation of new products was held at our exposition.

The stand was visited by about 500 visitors, who filled 73 questionnaires. Therefore, there is a hope for a substantial replenishment of the contacts and customers database.

At the same time, market managers were trained to expand the dealer network, study demand and pricing: they were more interested in livestock products, especially items for animal feeding, as well as silicone and medical tubes, in particular, dog toys were of considerable interest.

Visitors of the stand often paid attention to the floor coating for the cowsheds. Kievguma manufactures the products by a molding method, which allows providing such properties of coating as strength and durability in contrast to coatings of competitors made of rubber chips.

Representatives of various organizations and other citizens were interested in household gloves and silicone molds for baking. They were pleasantly surprised that many Kievguma products can now be purchased at such network shops at Epicenter, Velyka Kyshenia, Aushan, Leroy Marlen, New Line and Watsons.

Part of the visitors of the stand expressed a desire to work directly with our company, not using the intermediary service of distributors.

These are representatives of veterinary networks and pet stores, large livestock complexes and small farms.

An important result of the exhibition is information updating about competitors, which may force to correct the strategy of behavior in the market or to look at its advantages in a new way.

For the effective participation of the company in the exhibition, the stand and the necessary materials were competently prepared for the exhibition, starting from product samples to printing an additional edition of business cards and badges.

And the most necessary and important thing is to remember that after the exhibition the work only begins.

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