Latex medical anatomic gloves

They are intended for professional hands protection of medical staff and other national economy industries specialists

• Multiple use
• Subject to disinfection
• Increased strength
• Anatomic shape and oblong cuff
• Ensure tactual sensation
• Made of natural latex

Medical gloves are made of natural latex in compliance with TU U 22.1-35115248-045:2020. The strengthened firm wall and oblong gloves cuff ensure the enhanced protection level including more resistance to mechanical damage. The gloves are subject to disinfection and can be used many times. The anatomic gloves shape (one glove for the right hand, the other – for the left hand) perfectly conforms to the shape of palms ensuring the maximal comfort during their long usage period. Soft, elastic material and textured surface on the palm part and on fingers preserve maximal tactual sensation. The oblong cuff assures the glove stable fixation on the hand. The gloves are non-sterile.

Upon the usage wash your hands wearing the gloves, dry them with paper or gauze wipe, towel, powder with glove starch or starch. After that take the gloves off, turn them inside out, powder with the starch one more time and dry in the air or in the dryer at the temperature below 70 °С.

The gloves are disinfected by boiling them into the water for 30 ± 5 minutes. During their usage process the gloves shall bear 5 times water boiling treatment.

The latex gloves shall be stored in the manufacturer’s package indoors at the temperature from +0ºС to +25ºС, relative humidity not more than 80% at the distance not less than 1m from heating devices. While being stored the gloves should not be exposed to oils, petrol and other rubber damaging substances.


The manufacturer guarantees the gloves quality subject to storage and usage conditions.

Warrantee period– 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Individual: plastic bag – 1 pair.
Group: corrugated box – 50 pairs.

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