“Chess is Life” by Robert James Fischer

On May 13, 2018 in the Terminal shopping center 0 9390
 a chess tournament “Cup of Brovary 2018” was held. This was a fast-chess tournament under the Swiss system, where each participant spends nine rounds. Participation in the tournament was free. The identification of the pairs of participants was carried out according to the Swiss Manager computer program. In total, 136 participants of all ages and training levels gathered at the chess boards. Among them there were three International Grandmasters, Master of FIDE, International Masters and other professionals.
The winners and prizewinners of the tournament were awarded with the winner cups as well as the prizes in the amount
 from 1000 to 250 hryvnias. Special money prizes were handed out to the youngest and oldest tournament participants, women and the best chess players in Brovary.
The tournament was organized by the Brovary Town Chess Federation, the Youth and Sports Department of the Brovary Town Council with the support of sponsors,
0 51 and Kievguma LLC was considered to be one of them. With our participation we contribute to the development of sports and intellectual training in our region.  0 9391
And the establishment of ties between chess communities in 
the region is an important step for  Ukraine’s further representation on the state level. Read more about this event on the page of the Ukrainian Chess Federation:https://ukrchess.org.ua/

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