Six years in Brovary!

September 12 Kievguma LLC celebrated the sixth anniversary of its move to Brovary as well as the beginning of work at new production premises. Thus, traditionally, let’s recall our most important achievements for this period of time.

The move to Brovary became a new clean page for Kievguma history. Our enterprise is almost 90 years old, still we had to start from a scratch and turn the desolate place into a modern production location. So, we completely reconstructed the old buildings at this place and erected some all-new buildings, created contemporary production and office spaces.
For all the years our company remains the segment leader. We are constantly working over our development, renovating our material and technical base, implementing new technologies, conducting goods quality control audits and expending the products assortment line. In particular, this year Kievguma presented the following new products: railway transport moulded products, colour anti-slip rubber strips and mats for stairs, household gloves with prolonged PVC cuffs, turkey plucking fingers and many other goods.

In Brovary our company made a lot of huge steps towards success:

  • Reconstructed and modernized some production premises,
  • Installed equipment for automatic baby goods packing,
  • Purchased the machine for pharmaceutical stopper washing,
  • Purchased contemporary equipment for a tool workshop,
  • Developed a few new brands,
  • Enhanced cooperation with big retail networks in Ukraine,
  • Purchased equipment for manufacture of large-sized mats and floor covering for farms,
  • Expanded sales markets in 29 countries.

This year is a significant year for us as we launched a new brand –  GooGookyiv. Today the baby goods of this brand are available in many shops of our country and in the biggest online store of Ukraine –  This year our achievements include innovations in packing the products of Albert-Kievguma LTD, our subsidiary company. New additional packaging of goods is contemporary, presentable, stylish and convenient both for transportation and storage.

For the last year we became a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and started cooperation with the Export Promotion office of Ukraine. It would allow our company to find new partners and potential clients, enlarge the sales markets, receive recommendations from the top experts of business development and present the company in a good light at the Ukrainian and International scenes.

Of course, we are not going to rest on our laurels as we have to keep the leadership position on the market and it requires tremendous efforts and effective cooperation. We would like to congratulate all our employees with the sixth year of our activity in Brovary. We are grateful to everyone for the fruitful cooperation and coordinated work as they are two of the most important components of Kievguma success!


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