Nipple for feeding lambs, goats and pigs

Specially designed nipple for feeding lambs, goats and pigs that imitates mother’s udder.

The hole made in the nipple meets the zootechnical and veterinary requirements for feeding young animals. In the first days of life young animals have a high need for adequate intake of colostrum, and eventually milk. This will enable them to remain healthy and develop properly. Lack of intake of nutrients can affect the future life of the animal. Since the digestive tract of a small animal has a number of features , the milk comprises an important source of supply for them. Therefore, the presence of the nipples makes it easy to organize the process of feeding them.

The main advantage in using this type of nipple is that it is possible to feed the animals using buckets by inserting it in a hole of 25 mm diameter drilled in either plastic or metal trough for individual or group-watering, and using any bottles (both glass or plastic) with an external neck diameter of 25 mm.


          – For suckling lambs, goats and pigs;

          – Made of natural rubber;

          – 4 nipples;

          – Allows to feed with milk, and also to give medications together with water, vitamins and minerals;

          – Easily removed and transferred;

          – Easy to clean.


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