The social orientation of the manufacturer is the principle for "KIEVGUMA" LLC

The mayor of Brovary jointly with “Kievguma” LLC have launched a social event “Support for the Brovary new mothers”. The main idea of the project is the financial support to the families with newborn children.

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Today we acknowledge the ladies that have become mothers at these days.

Presentation of the sets is taking place in the Brovary nursing home in the of joint stay of mother and newborn baby hospital wards. The set is given as a gift from “Kievguma” and the city administration. More than a 100 sets have been already handed to young mums. We believe that a variety of items for newly born boys and girls will be the best gift for little ones and their mothers. Most importantly, that the products for babies which we present in the sets are made of high quality natural materials and there are no analogues of these sets today in Ukraine. It has everything you need for a comfortable caring for the baby.

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Brovary Enterprise “Kievguma” produces 2 types of gift sets, namely “Standard” and “Premium”. The gift set “Standard” includes 18 items used for the care of nursing babies, and “Premium” includes 20 items. We have used the Premium gift sets for the new mothers.

This set includes: 

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 • Feeding bottles for feeding children different liquid milk and other nutritional mixes, juices, liquid porridge, and for calming the child.

• Milk silicon and latex pacifiers for feeding children of various liquid mixtures, juices.

• Latex and silicone pacifiers – to calm the children.

• Pacifier “Baby” of natural rubber is the best solution for a babies teething.

• Brushes for cleaning the inner surface of the feeding bottles and milk pacifier.

• Cup for watering small children with water, milk, juices and other food liquids.

• Baby bib – to protect baby’s clothes during feeding.

• Chain to pacifier – for attaching the pacifiers to baby’s clothing.

• Breast pump to suck milk from lactating women.

• Syringe – for syringing, irrigation and suction of fluid from the body cavity of the child.

• Underlayer Sheet with PVC Coating “Colorit” – for sanitary purposes, as a lining material.

We sincerely wish to mothers not to stop on reached and to meet in the maternity hospital again next year. 

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