Tacoma in Brovary – visit to Kievguma

August 21, Kievguma welcomed guests from Tacoma (Washington) – the American twin town of Brovary, for already the second time. This time Victoria Woodards, the mayor of Tacoma headed the delegation.

Two years ago, the mayor of Brovary, Kievguma CEO and heads of some enterprises from Brovary visited Tacoma and signed a Cooperation Agreement between our towns. The Americans gave us a return visit. The Mayor, together with her colleagues made a really important present for our town – a new emergency vehicle. There is no similar vehicle in Kyiv region and maybe the whole Ukraine as well.

The schedule of American delegation was rather busy. It included meetings with Brovary Administration representatives, visits to some enterprises and companies in Brovary and even the visit to Chornobyl area. Of course, they visited Kievguma which is the biggest enterprise in Brovary and one of the biggest town tax payers.

At first the Americans visited our company showroom and saw our products with their own eyes. Afterwards they had a short visit to our production facilities, so they were able to watch a well-coordinated production process of hot water bottles, syringes, babies’ pacifiers and many other goods. The guests were really interested in Kievguma products and the visit accompanied with their cries of admiration.
During the visit our representatives told about Kievguma potential and possibility of our cooperation with the American companies. We also discussed the experience and advantages of cooperation between the big business and town authorities.
We are sure the guests from the USA had a lot of positive emotions from warm and friendly visit to our company. Thank you for your visit and welcome again!

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