Flowers of Life™: presentation in Cell Therapy Institute School for Pregnant

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2.2 smDecember 23, 2017 a traditional meeting of the Cell Therapy Institute School for Pregnant took place in Kyiv.

Kievguma together with BADm service company have conducted a presentation of Flowers of Life™ baby care products. 

Among the numerous goods for babies the school visitors have been interested in the following our products: pacifiers, feeding sets, rubber sheets, aprons and other accessories.

The agenda included some lectures of the leading doctors and experts who reported on the most important topics for the future parents: starting from pregnancy medical support, food for pregnant, 

baby delivery and ending with breast feeding and newborn care.

    The special attention was paid to the lectures “Breast feeding” and “Newborn care”. 

During the lecture, a doctor of the Cell Therapy Institute presented the Flowers of Life™ product line from the Ukrainian producer KIEVGUMA and demonstrated a Gift Set for Babies which every mother will need in the future upon her baby delivery.

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At the end of the School meetings there was a valuable gifts drawing arranged by the event partners. So the 4 happy participants received a gift set including the Flowers of Life™ baby care products.

We congratulate the winners and wish good health and good luck to all the event participants!

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