Kyivguma LLC became a co-founder of BioMedZakhyst Public Union

At the beginning of September our enterprise became a co-founder of BioMedZakhyst Public Union. The aim of the union is integrating efforts for provision of biological and anti-inflectional security of the Ukrainians.

In addition to Kievguma LLC the union also includes: TK Medzakhyst LLC, Veneto Group LLC, Olteks LLC, Sanhin LLC, UASafety LLC, ROSA Knitting Factory.

BioMedZakhyst Union is developing professional connections with laboratories, doctors, experts in the field of medical goods and individual protection means production, – says Oleksandr Zhuchenko, Sales Director of Kievguma LLC. The main sales issues are the following:

  • Incorrect technical requirements for public purchase;
  • Economically ungrounded expectative product value for public purchase;
  • Absence of proper state support;
  • Counterfeit products market spreading, etc.

The union solves the above mentioned issues, develops a single position for production area to get reach the state. Moreover, BioMedZakhyst is going to enter Ukrlehprom Association to achieve its targets successfully. The main target of the union is COVID-19 protection. As Kievguma LLC has a vast experience in production of the European quality individual protection means, we are ready to share our experience and cooperate with our state in this direction.

Today Ukraine has a powerful local manufacturer which is ready to provide the high quality medical clothes developed according to the European quality standard.


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