Weatherstripping for Window Systems

The weatherstripping is intended to be used in many areas of the economy play an important role in the production of molded products. These products are manufactured in modern continuous vulcanization line of the German company «Rubicon». Full automation and computerization of the process provides the possibility of producing high-precision weatherstripping with a rather complex geometrical form. All accessories are designed and manufactured within the facilities of the enterprise, that allows to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of the market. Rubber weatherstripping is made from mixtures of ground black color on the basis of ethylene-propylene rubber (its international name is EPDM). Such a mixture provides a high ozone resistance of components, and has high performance in the temperature range from – 40 ° C to 80 ° C. Weatherstripping are produced in accordace with the technical requirements set out in the relevant figures for each type of detail. Weatherstripping is covered with a special high-grade silicone emulsion, which facilitates the installation of seals in window systems, and provides additional protection from aging. Rubber weatherstripping is wound on the coil of 350 or 450 m (depending on the configuration and weight of the structure) and placed in cardboard boxes. All products are made on the modern high-precision equipment that provides the necessary stability of size and quality. Seals have hygienic conclusion of the Ecohygiene and Toxicology Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Lifetime: at least 10 years

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