Rubber gaskets К002 for window systems of “REHAU”, “OPENTECK”, “WINBAU”, “WEISS”, “MONTBLANC”, “КМТ” type


Rubber gaskets (EPDM) shall be used to seal window systems and balcony door ledge. They protect windows from draughts, moister medium formation and create additional acoustic protection.

The rubber gaskets are made of EPDM – the synthetic rubber which is resistant to environmental exposure.

To make installation into the windows systems easier the rubber gaskets are covered with special high quality silicone emulsion providing additional protection from aging.


  • easy to replace on your own;
  • elastic and flexible;
  • resistant to high and low temperatures;
  • ozone-resistant;
  • resistant to UV radiation;
  • many years’ service life;
  • nondeformable,


Operation temperature conditions: from -60 ° С till + 90 ° С.

Shore А hardness  ̶  65 ± 5 units.

The gaskets will be suitable for window systems of “REHAU”, “OPENTECK”, “WINBAU”, “WEISS”, “MONTBLANC”, “КМТ” type.

Guarantee storage life – 2 years from the manufacture date.


Polypropylene bag— 12 rm


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