Large press already installed!

Despite the entire festive mood, our colleagues continue to work tirelessly to improve the material and technical base of the enterprise in order to adjust the production of new goods just after the New Year.

We did recently announce that the company has purchased and started installing a new large press in one of its production shops. The installation process is now complete and the first trial prints of the new products have already been made!

We sincerely thank for their professionalism and enthusiasm to all Kievguma services that have joined the process of installation and adjusting of the new equipment!

We remind that a new press made in Ukraine will produce large household carpets with dimensions of 1000х1500х16 mm and 916х1500х12 mm. These carpets will be the first in the range and, meanwhile, there will be produced the carpets of other dimensions. We promise to tell you more about them immediately after full production adjustment!

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