Velyka Kyshenia visited Kievguma: our new guests

On February 22 Kievguma welcomed the guests again. This time the managers of Velyka Kyshenia retail store visited us. The aim of their visit was a creation of more close relations between our companies as we had been actively and fruitfully cooperating for more than two years.

Velyka Kyshenia is one of the biggest partners of Kievguma in the field of children’s products and some household goods distribution.

The representatives of Velyka Kyshania had an interesting tour around the enterprise. First of all, they visited our show room where they received more detailed information about our products and learned the history and achievements of Kievguma.  Our partners were interested in the products and shared their exclusively rewarding experience. Of course, most of all our partners were interested in the children’s goods as well as the household goods.

The visitors were really excited to see the production capacities of the company as you can see such an interesting and coordinated process of rubber goods production with your own eyes not so often.

The representatives of retail stores visit our enterprise not for the first time. Recently we arranged the visit of guests from Epicentre Trading Centre to our production facilities.  Such visits have a positive influence on the relations with our partners as they get more information about our products, assure of their quality  and compliance with all the technological norms during the production process. They also have a good opportunity to find new goods which would be interesting for the consumers.

We really thank our partners from Velyka Kyshenia for their visit! We are sure that more close relations will help us to strengthen our cooperation with the partners as well as to broaden our distribution field.

We would like to emphasize that Kievguma is always open for our partners’ visits. Welcome to our production facilities!

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