New production capacities opening!

Development investment is one of the most important priorities of our enterprise. Kievguma is constantly working over its production modernization as we realize the new equipment is a new product, new sales markets and new customers.

This summer Kievguma placed the order regarding the manufacture of an oversize press for a Ukrainian producer. Now we are assembling it in the workshop.

What is its advantage? It is that the maximum press overload is 1000 tons and the plate overall dimensions are 1200*1800mm! It allows us to enlarge our goods assortment and include the oversize moulded goods into our production line. We are going to finish the assembling process till the middle of December and make the first launch of new equipment.

The first products which we are going to manufacture with our new press will be two new types of household mats with 1000х1500х16mm and 916х1500х12mm dimensions. (At present we are manufacturing the mats with 750х750mm dimensions maximally.) More information about the new products we will tell you soon in our further news.  So, wait for the news!

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