Recognized quality!

This year Kievguma did not participate in the Healthcare Medical Fair conducted in Kyiv International Fair Centre. We made such decision as we decided to focus on the more extensive expositions in the European Union and Central Asia. Thus, very soon we are going to participate in Baku Fair and visit Dusseldorf Medical Exposition.

Nevertheless, our company representatives visited the fair this year. Our American competitors were among the exponents. They presented their product – a SWAT tourniquet, which is an analogue of our Omega universal rubber tourniquet. The visitors could notice the both tourniquets are almost identical, still at the same time Omega made by Kievguma LLC is much cheaper than SWAT!

Moreover, Esmarch bandage made by Kievguma was also presented at the fair by volunteers who showed how to use it. The most interesting fact is that the bandage showed at the fair was made 29 years ago! The most important confirmation and recognition of our products high quality is that even in so many years upon its manufacture the bandage has preserved its characteristics and still can be used.

So, in spite of our absence at the Healthcare-2019, the fair confirmed the absolute quality of our products once again!

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