“Chance to feel needed is more important than any money…”

For more than two years already Kievguma LLC employs Bohdan – a boy with limited physical capacities from Brovary. We have known Bohdan and his mother for a long time and give him an opportunity to feel himself as a part of a big enterprise. Every month we bring him pacifiers’ accessories for cutting so he would be able to feel himrself a full value employee.

Bohdan’s mother, Nina Pryntsivna, tells that such people as her son maybe most of all suffer from being unneeded:

“In our town it is absolutely unreal to find a job for a person with special needs. Being underage the people with special needs feel some care but reaching the majority they become neglected almost by everyone. The majority of our children feel the total indifference of the society towards them. Even if they succeed to receive the secondary or higher education they actually cannot get a job.

Bohdan is luckier than the others. Some time ago an old friend of our family, a representative of the Town Executive Committee helped our son to find some work. Kievguma agreed to help us.

Of course, the boy receives much less work than his colleagues who work at the enterprise. Still, Bohdan and his mother admit that even under such conditions the work sometimes is not easy taking into account the eyesight and somehow violated movements coordination of the boy. Nevertheless, Bohdan is always enthusiastic about his work. Sometimes his mother helps him. Their teamwork is accompanied by endless conversations contributing to the mother and son’s relations that have always been excellent.

Bohdan says he always makes breaks during his working process. He switches on his favourite music while working and it helps him to concentrate. The boy’s impelling force is that he can spend all the earned money on his personal needs. Recently he has been able to buy a smartphone of his dream.

Nina Pryntsivna and her son sincerely thank to Kievguma for the chance to work in such a convenient way for them. Firstly, Bohdan works at home, in his comfortable environment. Secondly, he can create his own working schedule taking into account his health.

“I can’t even imagine what we could do if Bohdan had no chance to get the work. The most important thing is not even the money: the chance to feel needed is more important than any money. I really understand that the company has to take care about the weekly transportation and pay for it. We express our deep gratitude to Kievguma LLC for being ready to meet the needs of such special people,”- Nina Pryntsivna confers.

Kievguma has always been a socially oriented company. Our enterprise conscientiously fulfils its duties regarding the state and employment of physically disabled people. We give a chance to every person to feel really needed. From our side we thank Bohdan for his desire to work and we will go on helping him. We wish him strong health and success!

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