Exhibition in Georgia: Outcomes and Expectations
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From 5 to 7 November 2015 Tbilisi hosted The International Forum and Exhibition “CAUCASUS HEALTHCARE-2015”. Our company took active part in this event.

“KIEVGUMA” LLC presented the products for children and for medical purposes. Among 40 companies from 8 countries that participated in the exhibition, “KIEVGUMA” was the only one that presented such products.

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Currently the products for medical purposes and for children manufactured in Turkey and China are the most represented products in the Georgian market. According to the feedbacks of the local retail companies, these products often do not comply with the quality requirements, and for that reason the main Georgian market operators, as well as specialized hospitals, medical centers and labs have shown a keen interest to the exhibition stand of “KIEVGUMA” LLC.

According to experts’ estimates, Georgia comprises a comparatively large distribution market for the products for medical purposes and for children. It means that our company have good prospects in this region, and the negotiations held with the main trading organizations give hope for successful promotion of products of “KIEVGUMA” LLC in Georgia in the nearest future. 

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This exhibition is an opportunity to introduce our company as a manufacturer of a wide range of products. The current economic situation requires a serious approach in defining prospective markets, and, consequently, determines the necessity of participation in similar regional events. 

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