A story about our visit to Uman…

On July 21, Saturday, Kievguma employees went to Uman, to be more precise to the Sofiivka Park in Cherkasy region. So we successfully arrived and were ready to see all the beauty and magnitude of the “Pearl of Ukraine”, the place about which we read and heard so much.

Together with the experienced guides we went along picturesque alleys of the 200 year old park. They told us both historic facts and legends about the park founder – the count Stanislav Pototskyi, who built the park in honour of this beloved young beauty of Greek origin – Sofia Vitt. They also told us about the interesting places which were constructed according to the Ancient Greek poems. The guides showed us a lot of nonlocal dendrological attractions, “tulip” and “pencil” trees were among of them, as well as the other plants from all over the world.  

We were told that the local landscape (a river, ravine, stone land) were skilfully used to construct the lakes and waterfalls systems and a special main attraction – the Snake fountain.

We were impressed by big and small bridges, the variety of sculptures, pavilions, granite giant stones, grottos and caves.

It was the place of mysticism and mystery.

Everyone made a wish near the “Happiness Cave” and touched Pototskyi’s plate with the inscription: “Forget about disasters and accept eternal happiness. If you are happy, let you be even happier”. According to the legend as soon as you go out the cave you should forget about all your disasters and disagreements. We drank the legendary source water which made people beautiful, clever and generous.

We would be able to enjoy the beauty of graceful white and black swans for hours but the time of our trip quickly ran out. We did not feel tired at all due to the clean air and magic environment. Filled with pleasant impressions we returned home and maybe each of us thought about the same – we wanted to come back to a magic fairy tale of love which can make wonders.

Travel with us – travelling is the best medicine against stress and distemper!


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