Weapon and Safety: the way we presented ourselves

A few days ago the regular International Fair – Weapon and Safety-2018 officially finished in the Kyiv International Exhibition Centre. This year exposition was dedicated to the Ukrainian Defender Day. The fair was located in a few halls. It gathered a few scores of exponents from various countries. Kievguma LLC also presented its products at the above mentioned fair and attracted attention a lot of visitors. So, as usually, we summarize and tell you about our achievements at our next exposition.

Kievguma booth welcomed the visitors almost continually. The military, police, fighters of the Special Forces and paramedics were interested in our goods. Moreover, we always met representatives of the companies related to goods production or services provision in the military sphere.

At the Weapon and Safety our team presented at once a few novelties: a general military medical kit, “Tourist and Hunter” medical kit, occlusive dressings, thermal protection blankets, nasopharyngeal airways, paramedical scissors. The majority of the products have no analogues on the local market so we can consider them to be really revolutionary products.

The visitors were interested in our individual general military medical kits most of all. The military and paramedics emphasized their quality, and efficiency as well as the appropriate selection of their components. They pointed out that such medical kits are much more efficient than the ones offered to the military by the state. The distributors and military shops were interested in the medical kits as well.

The “Tourist-Hunter” medical kits were popular among the visitors as well. The common people interested in hunting, fishing or tourism, representatives of shops and training centre specialists carefully watched all the components of the medical kits.  Their common opinion was that such medical kits will be helpful in many emergency situations and will save the life of the wounded.

Tactical medicine means from Kievguma, namely, occlusive dressings, Omega bandages and thermal blankets received a lot of approving appraisals as well. A great number of military and paramedics actively tested the goods, checking their performance and efficiency in the field.

The specialists of tactical training centres and military were especially interested in the rubber models of knives, grenades, clubs and guns. They stated that such goods will be the best choice for training of the Ukrainian military.

Representatives of big companies producing the military equipment were very interested in the wide assortment of rubber draught seal from Kievguma. Our technical plates and rubber carpets attracted their attention as well.

For a few days of the fair hundreds of visitors received the information about our activity, we shared hundreds of our business cards and received a few dozens of contacts. Our company has already outlined some new partnerships, including the foreign entrepreneurs. So now we will focus on the following medical fair in Dusseldorf – the first European exposition we are going to participate. Follow our news!

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