“Kievguma “LLC Launged New Equipment for Production of Accessories

“Kievguma “LLC Launged New Equipment for Production of Accessories 

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The company is continuously moving forward, understanding the market’s needs in the new goods and services, and is constantly searching for the opportunities for replacing the outdated production equipment and buying a new one.

Production of accessories for manufacturing of the rubber goods is a laborious and sophisticated process that requires responsibility and expertise. The accessories should be of high quality, and resilient to different types of impact, their design shall be flawlessly precise.

For this reason, we have acquired and installed an electrical discharge machine manufactured by ZAP BP (Poland) for the department of repair of the compression molds. The first dies produced by using this machine have already been applied on the production lines.

Thanks to the use of the newly acquired equipment, a time required for production of the new types of non-moulded goods has been shortened from weeks or months to a few hours (depending on complexity of goods).

“Kievguma” LLC designs the accessories, produces them, develops new recipes of rubber compositions according to client’s needs, provides product certifications, and, finally yet importantly, produces a high-quality product within the shortest possible terms.











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