Package is a Main Quality Indicator

Nowadays manufacturers use various types of packages for products for children. This includes individual and transport packages. Today we will consider several types of the widely used packages, namely: blister, cardboard packages, and polypropylene packages with Euro Hang Tabs. 




Blister is one of the most popular packaging types nowadays. It consists of plastic case or embedment that follows the contours of a product placed in it. This package is made of transparent or colored plastic. The blister can be both individual package and an auxiliary element in a bigger package.

Advantages of Blister Packages


Blister packages are easy to use, comfortable and light.

Their advantages are as follows:

Presentability, aesthetics, durability, portability, they are convenient for consumers, perfectly protect the product from external impacts and counterfeiting, speed up the process of packaging, simplify counting, facilitate the sale. Blisters are convenient for the user and create the image of modern and technologically advanced products. Transparent plastic packaging fixes the product and protects it from damage. This product can be taken in hand and examined it to see the benefits without unpacking, which often becomes a decisive factor in making purchase decision.

Blisters do not emit toxic substances, they are chemically and biologically neutral, so these are excellent products, and retain both its presentability and consumer properties.

There are several types of blisters:


Welded blisters (a case is welded with adhesive to the printed substrate by using  special equipment).


— Blister with a bend (a case is made with a bend, and printing substrate is pushed with subsequent fixation).

— Blisters with locks (blister-boxes). This packaging is made of transparent film, has a lock securing the packaging, and the depth of the product can reach 100mm. Such blisters tend to have a high degree of protection, it makes them very difficult for counterfeiting.

— Two-sided blisters consist of two semiforms separated by grooves for the folding. Each blister semiform has a so-called «clack valve», and embossed plane on which the fixing locks are placed, and which provides additional firmness of the blister package. When assembling a blister package, the «clack valves» on the semiparts penetrate into each other. An adhesive sticker or cardboard inserts are used on this type of blister packaging as an information carrier.


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Cardboard packaging is the most practical and reliable way to store and transport various goods, whether they are  household appliances, food or gift wrapping. Boxes allow to compactly place the goods, and to make their transfer (transportation) more convenient and comfortable. Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material, it is non-polluting, recyclable, its contact with foodstuffs will not contaminate them.


Polypropylene packages with Euro Hang Tabs

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Euro Hang Tabs are a convenient way for packaging small items, bulk goods and piece goods in individual blister packace. Products are packaged in a small polypropylene bag, and there is a cardboard Euro Hang Tab for hanging the products on the show floor at the store.

Polypropylene bags are used because of their consumer properties:

—  high degree of transparency;

— strength and density;

— resistance to wear;

— the bags are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for the human body;

— Resistance to temperature changes;

— a buyer is able to see a product inside.


 Today «KIEVGUMA» is manufacturing its products for children using all of the individual packaging types, depending on the order of retailers. You can see our products on the shelves of pharmacies in Ukraine, in the «EPICENTRE» trade center in Kiev and Brovary, as well as in «Caravan» shopping center in Kiev.


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