“Healthcare-2015: outcomes and future prospects for “Kievguma” LLC


Last week, from 29 September to 1 October, Kiev hosted the International Exhibition “Healthcare-2015”.

Over 186 participants attended the exhibition, among them the leading manufacturers and distributors of equipment, services, medical supplies, medical products from Ukraine and other countries. 



The products manufactured by our company were represented in a large variety, namely: medical rubber tubes, sterile surgical gloves, medical stoppers, Martens bandages, Esmarch binders, crutch packs, heating pads of A and B-type, Esmarch cups, rubber ice caps, underlayer rubber-textile sheets, a wide variety of silicon and latex pacifiers, breastplates, pacifier chains, cups, drug kit, «Classic» and «Kitten» feeding kits, «Kolobok» case, «Standard»  and «Premium» present kits (small and large sets), «Colorit» mat in different colorings, wide selection of syringes and ring pessaries by “Albert-Kievguma” enterprise.   



The exposition of “Kievguma” LLC drew considerable attention of visitors. For instance, “EximCargoTrade” company expressed its high interest in the medical stoppers manufactured by “Kievguma” LLC, and made a trial order on 2-3N stopper. Moreover, the company was interested in silicone and rubber plugs, syringes, Esmarch binders, Martens bandages and other products manufactured by our company.

As for experience sharing, special attention shall be given to the “RUS-Co” LLC – a distributor of orthopedic and medical products. “RUS-Co” LLC sells a wide variety of crutches and babywalkers, this company is a potential client of “Kievguma” LLC for supplying the crutch packs. “Kievguma” LLC can offer production of massage pads, silicone balls, and to diversify its product range of expander.



It should be noted that the visitors were interested in multicolored pacifiers represented on our exhibition stand under “Flowers of Life” trademark, that will provide our company with the opportunity to make our production more recognizable and to distribute them in the pharmacies.

The new present kits that include different items for childrens and their mothers have also attracted considerable attention of the visitors.


During the exhibition we had an opportunity to speak with many visitors, among them were doctors, lab assistants,

pharmacists, managers of various small wholesale trading firms, other individuals, as well as ordinary consumers who are familiar with the products of «Kievguma» LLC and prefer to use them.     

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